Fiddle Lessons Louisville CO

Fiddle Lessons Louisville CO

Fiddle Lessons Louisville CO

My Local Music Lessons offers Fiddle Lessons Louisville CO. If you are interested in Fiddle Lessons Louisville CO you found the right place! My Local Music Lessons offers a team of A+ instructors who are prescreened and pass full background checks. Also, we offer a convenient online schedule system. We make it more convenient than ever to get signed up in a music lessons program that suits your needs. In addition, its important to note, that learning to play bluegrass fiddle is different than classical violin. Finally, here is a great article on the differences between Violin and Fiddle at Strings Magazine.


More info about Fiddles VS Violins:

The violin and “fiddle” are the same basic instrument. However, it is considered a violin if you play classical European music (Mozart, Bach, Beethoven) or are part of a classical symphony orchestra. Meanwhile, it’s a fiddle if you play traditional folk or country music. Also, Violins normally have gut or synthetic gut strings, while fiddle has steel strings. In addition, classical players may use a bridge with more of a rounded curve. This allows them to finger each note more easily and clearly. Finally, Violin players hold the instrument underneath the chin, using a chin-rest; but many early Fiddle players and some traditional and folk fiddlers set the instrument lower on the chest or on the arm.

Longmont CO Fiddle Instructors:

Fiddle Lessons Longmont CODavid Williams teaches Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Fiddle and Voice lessons in Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Louisville and Broomfield locations. First, David is an Emmy winning songwriter, and has over 80 million hits on youtube. Also, David has extensive experience as a professor at multiple Universities. Subsequently, his resume and list of accolades is simply amazing! David teaches all styles of music and creates custom programs to suit each student’s goals. See our Instructor Page for more info


Where did the names Violin and Fiddle come from?

The word “violin” comes from the Romance languages (Middle Latin, vitula, meaning “stringed instrument).” The word “fiddle” supposedly comes from the Germanic languages, but it may also have come from the same Middle Latin word. “Violin” was adopted by the Italians, “fiddle” by the English.

Where did the idea for the bow come from?

Hunters who use bow and arrows know the sound made when the arrow is released from a tightly held bow. Early Greek philosophers discussed the sound made by a tightly-held string. Some Native American tribes on the North American continent have a tradition of plucking the strings of the bow and changing tension to change notes. The idea of a bow to create sound on an instrument probably came from Asia by way of the Arabs, or from Nordic tribes. It may have appeared in many places at the same time. It was used in the 10th century on mini-stringed lutes (shaped similar to a half-pear or barrel).

Getting Started:

First, click the “purchase lessons” button. Next enter your location and instrument. Also, choose an instructor as well as a time and day. Finally, enter coupon code 1stfree at checkout for 25% OFF your 1st 4 pack! We save you time and give you peace of mind! Email or call 303 558 6160 with questions. See our website My Local Music Lessons, our Instructors Page, and our Helpful Info Page.

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