Ukulele Lessons in Westminster CO

 Ukulele Lessons Westminster CO

My Local Music Lessons offers Ukulele Lessons in Westminster CO. First, My Local Music Lessons provides convenient in home music lessons for many instruments in Front Range CO Locations! Next, our instructors provide step by step programs that will help beginners to advanced! Also, our lessons are easy to understand, and will help you reach your goals. Finally, our instructors have professional experience, and A+ background checks so you can trust who you hire!


Featured Ukulele Instructors In Westminster CO


Meet Haley Shapiro

Ukulele Lessons Westminster CO

Haley Shapiro teaches Ukulele Lessons in Westminster, CO and surrounding areas. First, Haley has been a pianist for eighteen years. Also, she is a passionate teacher of music and yoga. Initially, she studied Music Education at Columbia University and also taught music in pre-k-12th grade. Haley’s holistic curriculum addresses music theory, fundamentals, and technique, as well as the mental and physical aspects of being a musician. Finally, Haley creates custom lessons based on each student’s needs. You can read more info such as her bio, watch intro video and more on her page here:


Meet Timur Golubin

Timur Golubin teaches Ukulele Lessons in Westminster CO and surrounding areas. Timur creates fun, and engaging lesson programs for ages 6 and up, for all styles of music, and all skill levels! In addition, he genuinely enjoys working with people. He will assist in setting goals, making progress, offering support and working with each student individually.



Finally, for more info on our other instructors, see our Instructor Page

Our Approach

Some music lessons programs focus only on theory and technique, while other teachers only give you songs to work on. We believe in a balance between creating a solid foundation with skills, fundamentals, techniques, theory, and ear training, and how that information applies to YOUR favorite songs and styles. We believe in well balanced lessons programs that merge the technical side and skills building portion of lessons, with learning FUN songs you choose! You may want to learn some traditional Ukulele songs, but you can also learn just about any familiar song and adapt the chords to fit Ukulele.

Applying Your Skills

Learning the context of how a technique, or skill, or piece of theory knowledge fits in a song that is familiar to you, is a key part to your understanding why it works. Furthermore, we encourage you to choose a playlist of songs that represent the styles you are interested in. Finally, your instructor will go over your ability, favorite styles and goals, and will create a step by step program to get you there! We want you to have FUN while reaching your goals!


Getting Started

First, click the “purchase lessons” button. Next, enter your location and instrument. Also, choose an instructor, and time and day. Finally, enter coupon code 1stfree at checkout for 25% OFF your 1st 4 pack! We save you time and give you peace of mind! Email or call 303 558 6160 with questions. See our website My Local Music Lessons, our Instructors Page, and our Helpful Info Page.

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