Saxophone Lessons in Boulder CO

Saxophone Lessons Boulder CO

Learn to Play Saxophone

Saxophone Lessons Boulder CO

My Local Music Lessons offers Saxophone Lessons in Boulder CO.
We offer some of the best instructors that will help you master new skills and learn how to play your instrument like a professional. Even if you already know how to play the saxophone we offer great lessons just for sharpening up your skills. If you are looking for saxophone lessons in Boulder CO you found the right place! Let our staff of amazing instructors create a custom program to suit your needs!

Buying a Saxophone Reed:

One of the first things to consider when purchasing a reed, is which brand. Every player has their personal favorite, but in terms of sound quality, the differences between brands are minimal. First, one consideration for spotting bad reed is, discoloration of the grain. Also, look for uneven thickness, fluctuating width of grain, or rougher than normal grain on the cut side of the reed.


Which Thickness for Saxophone Reed:

While it may be true that a softer reed is easier for a beginner, its important to note that playing a harder reed doesn’t make you a more advanced player. The harder reeds make vibrato and not bending more difficult, and working with softer reeds has helped many pro players develop better overall range and adaptability. The mouth piece is also a key component. Narrow tip openings work better with hard reeds and wider tip openings work better with softer reeds. Reeds need to be wet or moist also and there are many other details involved. Getting some advice from your instructor can save tons of wasted time with a set up that isn’t optimized for you.

Saxophone Lessons Online:

In todays fast paced world, many students make the mistake of assuming they can learn by themselves. They may think that a few youtube videos will get them on the right path. The truth is, many times these resources are not adequate. Furthermore, they can actually do more harm than good. Online lessons can not create custom programs to suit your needs, answer your questions, give live feedback or make corrections. This could save you months of wasted practice time.


What Online Lessons are Missing:

We believe online resources are ok as supplements but nothing can take the place of a real in person instructor. Also, online lessons don’t teach you the context, such as what key you are in, or what the chords in that key are. Additionally they don’t teach you whether the chords follow a diatonic progression, (chords native to the key) or if there are “non native” substitute chords. Finally, they don’t teach how the chord progression influences what scales, arpeggios, or licks may be played over those chords.


Music Theory Helps:

You may be thinking “as a Sax player I don’t play chords”, which is true of course but you DO play melodies over the chords that all the other musicians are playing. Learning music theory is important so you can communicate with other musicians who do play the chords! Also, it helps you understand the options available to you. Being aware of what intervals are available, what kind of scale to use, and how your melody impacts the whole band or ensemble is very important. With our approach to lessons, you will get more mileage out of each song, because you learn the context, and how it applies!


Saxophone Lessons Boulder CO–Balanced Programs:

We believe in well balanced Saxophone lessons programs. Balanced programs merge the technical side and skills building portion of lessons, with fun familiar songs! In music, we need some amount of time dedicated to skills building and some amount of time dedicated to applying those new skills. Some music lessons programs focus only on theory and technique, while other teachers like to give you a song to work on.


Learning the Context Of Music Theory:

We believe in a balance between creating a solid foundation with skills, fundamentals, techniques, theory, ear training and more, and how that information applies to YOUR favorite songs and styles. Learning the context of how a technique, or skill, or piece of theory knowledge fits in a song that is familiar to you, is a key part to your understanding why it works. We encourage you to work with your instructor’s guidance to find songs that represent the styles you are interested in. Your instructor will go over your ability, favorite styles and goals, and will create a step by step program to help you define and reach your goals!

Saxophone Lessons Boulder CO Instructors

Saxophone Lessons Boulder CO

Learn To Play Saxophone

Francisco Borja teaches Clarinet, Saxophone, and Trumpet in Boulder, CO. Francisco is currently studying Music Education at the University of Colorado – Boulder. His experience with the clarinet began in sixth grade at Fowler Middle School in Plano, Texas. Francisco attended Liberty High School in Frisco ISD, where he participated in the LHS Wind Ensemble and Marching Band. Throughout his high school career, Francisco placed highly in the TMEA Region 24 All-Region band, and in several summer band camps. Francisco has worked under distinguished conductors such as Gary Green, Tom Bennett, Larry Livingston, David Whitwell, Eric Wilson, Eugene Corporon, and under the baton of Jerry Junkin at the 2013 Honor Band of America. For more info see our Instructors Page


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