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Rock Sax Man Jordan Shalhoup- Denver CO Back Story

Rock Sax Man Jordan Shalhoup teaches Piano, Saxophone and Clarinet Lessons in the Denver area. The righteous quest of the Rock Sax musician is expressing a lifetime of pain, disappointment, comedy and irony into a 16 bar solo. It took years of learning to pace his solos in the jazz world. Subsequently, he continued finely honing his craft in the basement of the Rialto theatre (Atlanta, baby!!!). Also, he was known for “cutting his teeth” with the big guns (at Elliot st Pub). Finally, Rock Sax Man Jordan Shalhoup has learned to come in screaming after the second verse.

First, wailing the high notes is only half the battle! If you want to melt faces and pierce the ear drums of anyone within 90 ft, then “great”! That’s the strident, laser beam, growly sound necessary to cut through a band of over the hill rockers who are 80% deaf. Also, one must own lots of cool t-shirts! In addition, one should have an awesome looking instrument! Most importantly: one needs to be able to gyrate accordingly. Shades are clutch, too.


Rock Sax Man Jordan Shalhoup-Denver CORock Sax Man Jordan Shalhoup–Rock Sax Stardom

It’s been rumored that this particular Rock Sax Man (Jordan Shalhoup) was born in an orphanage. They say he was found one cold winter morning, wrapped in alto sax gig bag on the steps of the village vanguard. Also, as a young boy, Mr. Rock Sax Man was only concerned with wailing the blues, advanced choreography and faberge eggs. Later, he heard legendary saxophonist Sonny Rollins at local club, and fell in love with music all over again. This was the catalyst for his first album- “High and Loud”, which received rave reviews and launched his career as a rock sax star!!


Rock Sax Man Second Album Flop:

However, Rock Sax Man Jordan Shalhoup’s second album- “Higher and Louder” did not fair as well. The crushing disappointment of his second album sent his career into a downward spiral. It’s been said that he officially retired following a terrible accident during his Higher and Louder tour. An epic sax solo while flying over the crowd was botched by a cheap jet pack that exploded! This happened when Mr. Rock sax hit an excruciatingly high, double altissimo C# which triggered a self destruct mechanism embedded in his discount jet pack. He really should’ve spent the extra money and got the quality jet pack. However, costs had to be cut in order to pay for his outrageous faberge egg addiction. Ironically, it was his collection of rare faberge eggs that helped ease the suffering during his recovery. Poor Rock Sax Man Jordan Shalhoup!


Rock Sax Man Third Album Success:

After a brief sabbatical, he was often seen rehabbing from “the crash” by practicing his sax while balancing on one leg atop the mast of an old wooden ship. Subsequently, Mr. Rock Sax released his 3rd album-“Even higher, even Louder”. The album received rave reviews again, launching him back into the public’s eye and galvanizing his career. Electric Ave, a band with freight train of synthesizers and excellent facial hair, heard him warming up in the flea market parking lot and HAD to have him. “Our other sax player quit and we needed somebody at the last second” (said Electric Ave leader-Kevin Spencer). “So we told him he sounded like he was wearing Sonny Rollins’ dirty “undies… he took it as a complement and the rest is history.

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