Piano Lessons in Thornton CO

Piano Lessons Thornton CO
Learning to play the piano can be one of life’s greatest joys! Find out more about getting a convenient in home program set up right here. My Local Music Lessons offers Piano Lessons Thornton CO. We offer custom programs that help you have more fun! We offer step by step instruction from beginner to advanced. Whether you’re new to piano lessons or just need help to improve, we are your “go to” resource. So if you are having trouble with notes on the piano, rhythm or just reading notes My Music Lessons is here to help! If you are looking for Piano Lessons Thornton CO you found the right place. Email us!

Our Approach

There are many merits to the traditional approaches and learning note reading skills. There are also benefits to other approaches. First of all, we believe in a well-balanced piano lesson program. Subsequently, we achieve this by merging the technical aspects of instruction, with skills building portion of lessons, and learning fun familiar songs you choose! Getting the balance right not only makes it fun for students, it shows them how these skills apply to current music as well as all the classics. This also teaches the discipline required for advanced playing and gives students motivation to practice.

Featured Piano Instructors in Thornton CO

Meet Piano Teacher Andrew MacIsaac

Piano Lessons Westminster CO

Andrew MacIsaac teaches piano, voice and drum lessons in Thornton, CO and surrounding areas. First, Andrew offers custom programs for beginners to advanced. Also, he teaches a wide variety of styles. In addition, he creates a fun balance between skills building and learning to play one’s favorite songs. If you have been looking for a well rounded music lessons program in the comfort of your own home in the Denver area, you found the right place! You can find more info about Andrew at his page here: Andrew MacIsaac


Meet Piano Teacher Alvaro Rivas

Piano Lessons Thornton COAlvaro Rivas teaches Piano Lessons in Thornton, CO and surrounding areas. First, Alvaro has an extensive background as he has been playing since his teenage years. In addition he is an experienced performer in multiple styles of music. His background involves classical training which he uses to help students in all styles. Alvaro will create a custom program for each student. Finally he is a really fun instructor for kids and adults and will help you enjoy your lessons.


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In Conclusion:

Finally, we feel there is a greater sense of reward and accomplishment if the student has some input to what styles they enjoy most. The one size fits all approach to piano lessons is too out of date and our teachers understand the importance of balance between critical techniques, skills, knowledge, and keeping up with the times so students can enjoy what they are doing.

Getting Started:

To get started, click the “purchase lessons” button. Then enter your location and instrument. Next, choose an instructor and a time and day. Finally, use the coupon code 1stfree at checkout to get 20% OFF your 1st 4pack!

Email booking@mylocalmusiclessons.com or call 303 558 6160 with questions. You can also see this Helpful Info Page!

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