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Piano Lessons Loveland CO
My Local Music Lessons offer Piano Lessons in Loveland, CO. First, we offer custom programs that make learning more fun and easy than ever! Also, we are changing the way people get lessons they need. We make it easy we come to you! In addition, we have A+ Background Checked instructors to take the guesswork out of who to hire. We offer step by step instruction, and break it down so its easy to follow. Whether you’re new to piano lessons or just need help to improve, we are your go to resource. If you are having trouble with notes on the piano, rhythm or just reading notes My Music Lessons is here to help succeed. For Piano Lessons Loveland CO you found the right place. Read on!

Our Approach

There are many merits to the traditional approaches and learning note reading skills. There are also benefits to other approaches. First of all, we believe in a well balanced piano lesson program. Subsequently, we achieve this by creating a balance between the technical aspects of instruction, and learning fun familiar songs you choose! Getting the balance right not only makes it fun for students, it shows them how these skills apply to current music as well as all the classics. This also teaches the discipline required for advanced playing and gives students motivation to practice.

Featured Piano Instructors in Loveland, CO

Meet Piano Teacher Lucas Jackson

Guitar Lessons Loveland CO

Lucas Jackson teaches Piano Lessons in Loveland, CO and surrounding areas. First, Lucas has a BA in Music from Luther College with a concentration in voice and composition. Also, Lucas believes that analyzing and understanding what we’re playing is as important to the learning process as technical proficiency. In your first lesson, Lucas will identify your current level of ability, your interests, and your favorite styles, genres, and sounds. Then he’ll work with you to set your own goals, both short- and long-term. Finally, he’ll help you cultivate the focus and discipline to improve your ability and start performing the music that you truly want to perform. To read more about Lucas, see his page here: Lucas Jackson


Meet Piano Teacher Nathan Jensen

Piano Lessons Loveland CO

Nathan Jensen teaches Piano Lessons in Loveland, CO and surrounding areas. First, Nathan will assess your skill level, interests and goals. Next, he can create a customized program to suit your needs. Also, he works well with kids and adults, beginner to advanced, in most styles of music. In your custom program you will learn the skills, techniques and theory you need to become proficient at your favorite styles. In addition some students may need guidance and Nathan can help guide you. If you are looking for private music lessons in the Northern Front Range area, you can read more about all the instruments Nathan offers on his page here: Nathan Jensen


Meet Piano Teacher Phoebe Pumilia

Piano Lessons Loveland CO

Phoebe Pumilia teaches Piano Lessons in Loveland CO. First, Phoebe has over 5 years of formal training in piano and voice. In addition, she studied cello for eight years with Fred Hoeppner of the Colorado Symphony. Previously, Phoebe was first chair cello in High School. She was in the top of three orchestras! Also, she was honored to perform a solo piece (Bach’s 2nd Suite) at the final concert. On top of that, Phoebe sang in an all-girls auditioned choir, performing internationally in Austria and Hungary. Phoebe is currently studying computer engineering at CSU. She has a strong background in teaching and tutoring for voice, piano, cello and learning music. Finally, Phoebe creates custom programs to suit each individual’s ability, favorite styles, and goals!

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In Conclusion:

Finally, we feel there is a greater sense of reward and accomplishment if the student has some input to what styles they enjoy most. The one size fits all approach to piano lessons is too out of date and our teachers understand the importance of balance between critical techniques, skills, knowledge, and keeping up with the times so students can enjoy what they are doing.

Getting Started:

To get started, click the “purchase lessons” button. Then enter your location and instrument. Next, choose an instructor and a time and day. Finally, use the coupon code 1stfree at checkout to get 20% OFF your 1st 4pack! Email booking@mylocalmusiclessons.com or call 303 558 6160 with questions. You can also see this Helpful Info Page!


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