Piano Lessons in Lafayette CO

Piano Lessons Lafayette CO

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My Local Music Lessons offers convenient in home music lessons  Piano Lessons in Lafayette CO. First, we have a team of A+ professional instructors who create custom programs. Next, we specialize in making lessons FUN, and affordable so everyone can enjoy! Your 1st lesson is FREE with 1st month enrollment. Also, you can earn FREE lessons for referrals. In addition, we offer $ back guarantee if you don’t like your 1st lesson. Video lessons cant make corrections or answer your questions. Driving to stores or studios means fighting traffic. Why waste time when you can have lessons at your home? If you are looking for Piano Lessons in Lafayette CO, let us help you get started today!

Featured Piano Instructors in Lafayette, CO

Meet Piano Teacher Karl Summers

Piano Lessons Lafayette CO

Karl Summers teaches Piano Lessons in Lafayette, CO and surrounding areas. First Karl has excellent credentials and background. Also he is excellent with both kids and adults. His custom programs will include a balance of skills building, technique, fundamentals, music theory, and students favorite songs. If you have been looking for convenient in home music lessons in Lafayette CO, you found the right place! To learn more about Karl see his instructor page here: Karl Summers 




Meet Piano Teacher Arjun Kapila

Piano Lessons Lafayette CO

Arjun Kapila teaches Piano Lessons in Lafayette CO. First, Arjun will give you an overview of his lessons program. Next, he will ask some questions about your skill level, background, and goals. In addition, he will want to know your favorite styles. Finally, he will create a custom program to suit your needs. Arjun is a fantastic musician and instructor, who works well with kids and adults. He has 10+ years of teaching and performance experience.


Get More Info On Piano Lessons

To view different instructors in Lafayette, CO, please visit our instructors page and browse through our selection. You can enter your location and instrument to see who is available in your location. Plus you can even proceed to schedule using the form right on their page. Boom! We make it easy!


Piano Lessons Lafayette CO: Learning Songs

Learning songs is an integral part of any lesson program. Classical music uses traditional notation to teach you “pieces”. “Lead sheets” are used in Jazz. In Classical sheet music, all the details are written out and included. In Jazz, the lead sheet shows the basic melody and chord changes only. It is the students job to interpret, and “fill in the colors”. Jazz musicians embellish melodies, and tweak rhythmic and harmonic content. In addition, they put their own stamp on tunes they learn. Finally, there are lengthy solos in jazz where more creative expansion is the goal.


Popular Styles For Piano Lessons:

Students of popular styles may be required to use a combination of sheet music, lead sheets, and simple chord charts. First, the player’s job is to know enough about all styles that they are capable of filling in the details. In addition, some common phrases include “push feel” or “swing feel”. Also, chord progressions are cited numerically such as I vi IV V. This is the going currency! Finally, your instructor will help you become fluent with YOUR favorite songs and styles.

Good For The Soul

Learning any instrument is good for you! Studies have shown increases in self esteem, brain function, memory and more. Also, we believe music is good for your soul. Learning to play is satisfying for our deep spiritual self. Music is one of the great creations in the universe and as humans we benefit from being involved!


Getting Started with Piano Lessons in Lafayette CO:

To get started, click the “purchase lessons” button. Then enter your location and instrument. Next, choose an instructor and a time and day. Finally, use the coupon code 1stfree at checkout to get 20% OFF your 1st 4pack!

Email booking@mylocalmusiclessons.com or call 303 558 6160 with questions. You can also see this Helpful Info Page!


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Learn to play your favorites songs in your own home!

Our goal is to create joy through music lessons that are easy to set up, convenient and affordable, and most of all FUN!

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