Piano Lessons In Your Home

Piano Lessons In Your Home

Piano Teacher And Student

My Local Music Lessons offers convenient Piano Lessons in your home. We have instructors in Front Range CO areas, who come to you. First, locations include Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley Longmont, Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Broomfield, Thornton, Westminster, Arvada, Lakewood, Denver, Aurora, Englewood, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lone Tree, Golden and more! Also, music education has far-reaching benefits although many schools no longer offer this. For example, learning note values, time signatures, scales and rhythm enhances your child’s mathematical skills. The piano, in particular, requires synchronization between separate left- and right-hand activity, which increases physical dexterity and coordination. Daily practice also helps build focus and increases both short-term and long-term memory.


Benefits of Piano Lessons in Your Home:

The learning curve that piano requires benefits social skills as well. It helps your child develop patience and discipline while encouraging problem solving and self-reliance. Learning the piano also boosts self-esteem, which is so important to overall well being. Your child learns that he or she can accomplish the things they set out to do. Finally this brings confidence in achieving future goals.

Brain Development:

Just hearing an instrument is sometimes enough to draw a child’s interest, and the keys on a piano or keyboard seem to invite exploration. If your child already enjoys music, learning favorite songs is a very appealing idea. If mimicking musicians is a favorite game, playing like his or her favorites adds incentive. In addition, the piano adapts to classical, jazz, rock or any other type of music. It’s also a great foundation for learning other instruments.

Get piano teacher or learn by yourself?

That brings up the subject of piano lessons. Many musicians are self-taught or play by ear, so why pay for lessons? Time is one factor. For most people, it takes much longer to learn piano on their own than it does with an instructor. Also, it’s also easy to teach yourself mistakes that later have to be unlearned. Finally, an experienced teacher can quickly spot errors in technique and correct them, allowing the student to advance much faster.


Approach to Piano Lessons In Your Home:

With piano lessons, your child starts with the basics and progresses naturally. Proper finger position and posture along with scales, chords and basic theory soon become second nature, building a solid foundation for advancement in any playing direction. We encourage a balance between traditional note reading, theory etc…and learning the student’s favorite songs! If the student is having more fun, they will be more likely to practice and stay with it long term.


Convenient Piano Lessons In Your Home:

That’s all good, but you’ve got a busy schedule, and transporting one child to yet another appointment just won’t work. That’s why our teachers come to you. Convenient lessons in your home fit your schedule. There’s less stress for your child, playing in familiar surroundings, and time pressures disappear. Our instructors also tailor lessons to your child, which further enhances learning. In-home piano lessons offer so many benefits. Why not start now?

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Getting Started:

We make it easier than ever to get signed up for piano lessons in your home. First, click the “purchase lessons” button. Next enter your location and instrument. Also, choose an instructor as well as a time and day. Finally, enter coupon code 1stfree at checkout for 25% OFF your 1st 4 pack! We save you time and give you peace of mind! Email booking@mylocalmusiclessons.com or call 303 558 6160 with questions. See our website My Local Music Lessons, our Instructors Page, and our Helpful Info Page.




Learn to play your favorites songs in your own home!

Our goal is to create joy through music lessons that are easy to set up, convenient and affordable, and most of all FUN!

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