Music Teacher Jobs Fort Collins CO

Music Teacher Jobs Fort Collins CO

Top 5 ways Music Teachers can earn extra money, in Fort Collins CO

1. Local Stores or Studios:

This article takes a look at Music Teacher Jobs Fort Collins CO. First, music teachers can teach at local stores or studios. Pros: Since the store front attracts a base of customers, teachers in top positions can get a full schedule. Cons: Its hard to get one of those spots, they don’t come available often, rooms are small, crowded, noisy, distracting. The store takes a large cut of lesson fee as rent for the room. The teacher may or may not get to control their own schedules

2. Private Studios:

Also, music teachers can teach at their own private studio. Pros: freedom to create your own schedule, and earn the full lesson fee. Cons: you have to have a space, and become a marketing expert to compete in todays highly competitive market. The time and cost of setting up website, SEO (search engine optimization) PPC (Pay per click like Google Adwords) and zillion online resources and listings, like Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, City Search, Groupon, Living Social, and so many more is an ongoing head ache!

3. Online Referral Companies:

Furthermore, music teachers can teach for online referral systems. Pros: they list you on their website, where you can create a profile for free. EX: or inhomemusicteachers. They send you students at take lesson, or you go to their homes for inhomemusicteachers. Cons: with take lessons, they refer a very small number of students, they take a large cut of lessons fees. With inhomemusicteachers, they also refer a small number of students, take a large cut of the lessons fees. Neither of these options is a local business, they are large corporate funded institutions with huge numbers of teachers nationwide. They dont have any personal investment in your success, you are just a number in their system.

4. Local Schools

In addition, music teachers can look for jobs at local schools. Pros: this can be profitable and fun, if you get the right position. Some schools are hiring music directors for elementary, middle or high school positions. Cons: teaching 30 kids at a time, its very hard to make any progress. The hours and demands are high, while rewards are low. These positions are very hard to come by, and dont pay much at all. They are very part time, and you may have to teach at several schools, to earn enough $.

5. My Local Music Lessons:

Finally, Music Teachers can teach for My Local Music Lessons.


MLML is a locally owned small business that invests considerable time and money in each music instructor to help build their network of students. MLML offers the best lesson fees for starting rates, and incentives as your student base grows. MLML takes care of all the “heavy lifting” marketing including website, automated schedule system, SEO, PPC, listings online, promotion for each instructor, coupons with point of sale retailers, deals on Amazon, Groupon, Living Social, and much more! Teachers get to create their own hours of availability, and get automated emails when students sign up. Teachers choose the areas close to where they live, and give lessons in students homes. Teachers get their own web page, like a website within a website, SEO optimized with its own URL for promo, and a schedule system for convenient booking right on page! Instructors are sub contractors, not employees so this is a real business partnership!


It is not an instant stream of students, since all the work to promote teachers, and grow student base, does take time. This is for committed teachers only, and doesn’t work as “summer job” type employment.

About This Article:

I have tried to write an objective article on the options available. I have taught at many local stores, and I have also had my own studio for guitar lessons since 2001, Boulder Guitar Studio. However if this article sounds at all biased, it may be because I have tried all the options listed above personally. Im Lee Johnson, owner and instructor at My Local Music Lessons. I created this company for 2 main reasons:

  1. I want to reach more students, in more areas, for more instruments, and hours of availability, than I can offer, as a one man instructor by myself. Im building a team!
  2. I want to help other teachers enjoy the benefits of teaching music. This can be an excellent PT job making great $ to supplement while in college, or other PT jobs, or can also grow into FT income while still only working PT hours. Imagine teaching 20 hrs a week, making $40 per hour! You would earn great $ and still have lots of time left over for your other musical endeavors!

Get Started Teaching:

Looking for Music Teacher Jobs Fort Collins CO? If you are a music instructor in Fort Collins CO, or anywhere in Front Range CO, talk to me about joining our team! We ask for formal music training as part of your credentials, and prior experience teaching is highly preferred. If you want to see the other instructors pages for reference on what a headshot photo looks like, or how long your 300-500 word bio should be, see this page of Instructors.

You can email me your resume, bio and headshot photo Or you can fill out the online form at our website. We need you to send these items:

  1. Resume, Bio, Headshot Photo as attachments with email labelled “Resume, Bio, Photo for “your name”. Do not send your life story as your bio. Read other instructors pages to see what you need to say in your bio.
  2.  In the body of the message please state the instrument(s) you teach, and what area you can service comfortably close to where you live. We have instructors in many Front Range CO areas, and are always looking for more members to join our growing team!

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