Music Instructors Needed Front Range CO For Teaching Positions!

Music Instructors Needed Front Range CO For Teaching Positions

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Music Instructors Needed Front Range CO For Teaching Positions

Music Instructors Needed Front Range CO For Teaching Positions. My Local Music Lessons is hiring music instructors for all instruments! Join this rapidly growing network of local music instructors, and teach your instrument(s) in your area! We help you grow your network! Teach at student’s home’s in Front Range CO including Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Westminster, Broomfield, Arvada, Golden and Greater Denver areas.

Great Pay:

Music Instructors Needed Front Range CO For Teaching Positions. Make great hourly pay with incentives. Start at $30 per hour, when you reach 5 students pay increases to $35 per hour. When you reach 10 students per week, pay increases to $40 per hour. Plus, earn up to 2x or more the hourly rate when teaching group lessons.

Multi instrumentalists have an increased chance of bigger network of clients. If you teach violin, lets add viola or cello. If you teach guitar, let’s add mandolin, banjo, or ukulele. Piano and voice etc…You will get and keep more students!


Background Required:

Music Instructors Needed Front Range CO For Teaching Positions. We require you have formal music training, and experience teaching. Related job experiences like camp counselors, outward bound instructors etc… are a bonus. You don’t pay anything to start, you get premium SEO optimized page for placement on our website, an email address for your promo “your name” @

Job Description:

Our business hours are 9am-9pm. You make your own hours, on consistent weekly basis and get paid in advance for lessons that get booked. We provide an online scheduling system, where you post your available hours, students may book your time with 48 hrs notice, you get an auto reply email and or text when you have a new student. This system has auto replies, surveys, options to leave reviews, get referrals and more.


Marketing Marketing Marketing:

We provide business cards, flyers, marketing and promo, listings on sites like google, yelp, yahoo, bing, city search and dozens more. We have Social Media Campaigns, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. We also cover marketing expenses for the website, SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click google adwords), relations with point of sale music retailers, like Classic Pianos of Denver, home school networks, public and private school systems and more. We help you set up school meetings and build your client base!


Cost of Doing Business:

Setting all this up on your own would cost you thousands of $ not to mention hours and hours of work. Do you want to grow your own business, only do a fraction of the work, and make excellent pay PT hours you set? Then lets get to work together!


Light Marketing:

We require you to be involved in “light marketing” in your area approximately 1 hr per week by getting reviews, posting craig’s list ads, posting Facebook or social media posts with links to your page on our website, posting flyers that we provide. Its like you have your own mini site, as a page on our site, complete with a “purchase lessons” button right there on the page. Helping direct traffic to your page is key!

You will need to get reviews, using the links I provide, for our google, yelp and Facebook listings, before you get your first clients, by asking former students, teachers, friends, family, anyone who can vouch for your amazing musical skills, ability, accomplishments, lesson program, and warm like-able personality!

We are an online based business. Our clients come to us by finding our website so they can book online now. You need basic tech and computer skills and knowledge, a reliable car, a smartphone/tablet and or computer.

Application instructions:

Email and include the following items all in ONE email:

1. What instrument(s) and area(s) you teach
2. resume
3. bio (see instructors page on website for examples)
4. headshot photo

with subject line of email labelled clearly “resume, bio, photo for “your name” and we can schedule time to interview soon!

See our main website, our Instructors Page, and this helpful info page

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