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Jackson Lucas

Lucas Jackson teaches voice, cello, guitar, ukulele, banjo, drums, music theory, composition, and songwriting. He is available to teach lessons in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, and surrounding areas. Lucas has a BA in Music from Luther College with a concentration in voice and composition. First, Lucas believes that analyzing and understanding what we’re playing is as important to the learning process as technical proficiency. In your first lesson, Lucas will identify your current level of ability, your interests, and your favorite styles, genres, and sounds. Then he’ll work with you to set your own goals, both short- and long-term. Finally, he’ll help you cultivate the focus and discipline to improve your ability and start performing the music that you truly want to perform. Below is schedule system, a video and then more bio info to read on.


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Background Info

Lucas originally hails from Des Plaines, IL, where he grew up with a family of musicians. His mother played cello and piano, and his father played drums; both parents sang regularly. To sum it up, the Jackson household was filled with music at all times. This included individual practice, music lessons in the living room, or original tunes to help memorize things like the order of the months, phone numbers, and bedtime rituals. As a result, Lucas became acquainted with a massive variety of music from a young age. He continues to advocate for the benefits of being musically literate in many genres and time periods.

Training and Early Education

First, Lucas’ formal musical training began at age 8, when he started playing the cello in elementary school orchestra. Next, he joined the school choir when he was 12 yrs old, and quickly found an affinity for singing, Later, in high school, Lucas began focusing on voice and cello more seriously in private lessons. Also, he was then introduced to the expansive world of music theory. Subsequently, he dove completely into the parallel skills of ear training and composition, and found a love for creating original music. In his senior year of high school, he started teaching his first private student on the cello, which was essential to discovering how rewarding teaching is.


Continuing Education

Lucas attended Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, earning a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in vocal performance and composition in 2016. In those four years, he participated in, directed, arranged pop songs and composed originals for a 16-voice chamber choir and an all-male a cappella group. During that time, Lucas picked up drums, guitar, and piano as a way to connect with more and more musicians he came in contact with.

Post-graduation, Lucas moved to Fort Collins in 2017 in order to finally escape the bitter cold winters and mind-numbingly flat terrain of the midwest. Since arriving, the banjo has become his primary intellectual project. He is seeking to hone his musical adaptability by playing an instrument far different from the rest of those in his arsenal.


Music Theory and Math

Lucas is drawn to the mathematical perfection of music. Therefore he he frequently employs this concept in his instruction of new instruments. First Lucas is aware that music is an inherently emotional field. He also believes that a balanced program gets the best results. He helps students gain an understanding the structures and rules that make music sound like music. Furthermore, he believes this balance helps any person learn an instrument more quickly than simply learning individual songs.

To be clear however, Lucas’s absolute favorite thing to help students do is break down and analyze their favorite songs. In addition, he has learned to distinguish between good and bad practice habits. Subsequently, he can identify those which promote efficient learning that sticks, and those that do not. His primary guiding principle to teach to new students is “Practice smart, not hard.”


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