Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson: Owner of My Local Music Lessons and Music Instructor

Lee Johnson is Owner and Founder at My Local Music Lessons. First, Lee teaches Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Voice, Mandolin, Dobro, Lap Steel, Music Theory, Songwriting, Composition, Home Recording, and much more!  Lee has over 24 years FT experience creating custom lessons programs! Also, Lee will work with you to determine your ability, and goals, and create a step by step custom program to get you there.

Studio Location For Lee Johnson

NOTE: Our Instructors come to YOUR home! However, Lee is the business owner and only accepts limited number of students.

Lee’s students meet at his Home Studio at: 1633 Hallett Peak Dr. Longmont, CO 80503.

To book with lee email lee@mylocalmusiclessons.com to check availability first. Do not click the purchase lessons button to book with Lee you must email!!!

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To Book Lessons With Lee Email lee@mylocalmusiclessons.com to check schedule and availability

Teaching Background:

First, Lee started teaching music FT initially at “Golden Music Center” 1995-2001 where he had average 60-70 students a week. Then, in 2001 Lee became founder/owner of Boulder Guitar Studio, originally in the City of Boulder, CO. Additionally, he has taught hundreds of students, and helped them reach their personal goals. Now Lee is bringing you My Local Music Lessons, to serve more customers, on more instruments, with more hours available! There are many testimonials available with many happy customers throughout this site!

Teaching Approach:

Lee works with students ages 6 and up, beginner to advanced. He creates custom lesson programs based on each student’s needs. First, Lee will assess your ability, goals, favorite styles and more. Also you will be asked to create a playlist of a few dozen songs. Next, Lee will teach you the techniques, theory, fundamentals that make YOUR favorite songs work. Depending on the student this can start with basic fundamentals, like learning notes on the neck, octave positions, and basic navigation.

Next, you will work with chords, rhythm and timing, and basic techniques for strumming and or finger picking. As each students progress, we can introduce music theory with ear training, circle of 5ths, diatonic chords in a key, and “beyond diatonic”. This includes color chords, connector chords, and substitute chords. At this point we have a solid foundation and can proceed with more specific customized programs for each student.

Balanced Programs:

Learning Theory and Your Favorite songs helps you apply what you learn, so you get the important connection and and application of those skills! If you are not sure about what those preferences are, Lee will help you discover this as the program unfolds. He can also make suggestions about song choices. Ultimately Lee wants each student to go through the process of choosing songs to learn which ones work well and which ones don’t and why! It’s like trying on jeans…they don’t all fit you the exact way you want.

This unique and successful custom approach teaches YOU the fundamentals, techniques, music theory, skills and knowledge you need to become proficient at YOUR favorite songs and styles!

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Ruth Auditore

We originally signed up our daughter with another voice instructor but due to her having personal medical issues we had to change. The company's communication in getting us set up with someone else was seamless and my daughter has been loving her lessons with Asmita!

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