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Haley Shapiro teaches Piano Lessons, Voice Lessons, Guitar Lessons, and Ukulele Lessons in Boulder, CO and surrounding areas. Locations include Boulder, Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Erie, Broomfield and Westminster, CO. First, Haley has been a pianist for eighteen years. Also, she is a passionate teacher of music and yoga. Initially, she studied Music Education at Columbia University and also taught music in pre-k-12th grade. Haley’s holistic curriculum addresses music theory, fundamentals, and technique, as well as the mental and physical aspects of being a musician. Finally, Haley creates custom lessons based on each student’s needs.

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Haley Shapiro- Background:

The first piano Haley ever played was her grandfather’s baby grand. Then she began piano lessons at age six. Soon after began composing, singing, recording, and performing. Later, she was an accompanist at her local temple and assisted living home. Her experience working with children is extensive. This includes babysitting, elementary school aftercares, and teaching music lessons and yoga classes. Haley has worked at recording studios, record labels, and music publishers. These experiences gave her knowledge about what it takes to be a successful professional musician in the music industry. Haley has always known that her purpose is to help musicians flourish. She can help you learn a new instrument or further your craft. Finally, Haley can even advise you on artist management, branding, concert booking, and copyrighting.



First, Haley graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Music in Music Business and a minor in Psychology in 2015. As part of her undergraduate studies, Haley volunteered at the Nordoff Robbins Center for Music Therapy. She learned to use music therapy techniques to drive extramusical benefits from private and group music lessons, particularly with children with disabilities.


Next, fully realizing her passion for teaching, Haley graduated from Teachers College at Columbia University with a Master of the Arts in Music Education. Her studies focused on incorporating mindfulness techniques into the music classroom. She found that mindfulness strategies decrease performance anxiety, promote successful student-teacher relationships, create effective practice habits, encourage musical exploration, and increase the mind-body connection both when playing and not playing music.

Haley is also a Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor through Kidding Around Yoga. The training’s curriculum uses music, dramatic play, and fun games/activities to teach children meditation, mindfulness, and yoga practices. This is a great program for preschools, elementary schools, daycares, camps, birthday parties, and family yoga in the park (email haley@mylocalmusiclessons for more info on children’s yoga). Haley also applies aspects of yoga and meditation to teaching music, and this certification provided her with all of the tools to make it accessible to even the youngest of students.


Teaching Approach/Experience:

Haley teaches lessons from a holistic perspective to foster open musical expression. She focuses on generating positive and shared musical experiences with her students to get them excited about learning. Also, she aims for her students to become intelligent musical observers, rather than harsh judges of their own playing. To accomplish this, students engage in warm-up sequences that include physical stretches to relieve bodily tension, meditations to quiet and focus the mind, and affirmations to produce performance success. All of these techniques encourage a strong mind-body connection.


More Teaching Approach Info:

Setting daily practice intentions, referencing a practice checklist, visualizing performance success and breathing with awareness are just a few ways Haley weaves mindfulness strategies into a music lesson. Students can expect customized curriculums and practice plans, plus a variety of activities and resources like method books, performances from famous musicians, improvisation prompts, composition with traditional and alternative forms of notation, and more. While a classically trained musician, Haley approaches all musical works as open texts and prompts her students to do the same through justified interpretation and improvisation. Haley will work with you to set personalized musical goals and looks forward to embarking on your musical adventure.


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