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Asmita Idate: Piano & Voice Teacher in the Boulder, CO Area

Asmita Idate teaches Piano and Voice Lessons in Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Erie, and Louisville/Superior areas. Currently, Asmita is studying Integrative Physiology, and Studio Arts for a BA at CU Boulder. Also, she has an extensive background studying Piano and Voice formally since age 4, and growing up in a Theater family has given her additional experience with performing arts. First, Asmita will assess your ability, interests, favorite styles, and goals. Next she will create a custom program to suit your needs! Finally, she will teach you the techniques, fundamentals, skills and theory you need to become proficient at your favorite songs and styles!

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Asmita Idate Background:

Born in Folsom, California, on December 31st, 1997, she moved to Fort Collins, CO at the age of 3 and grew up there. She went to school at Traut Elementary and Kinard Middle School, both Core Knowledge schools focused on sciences and the arts. This is where her formal education in music started. First, she was in choir at both schools, in the general elementary after-school choir directed by Robin Neel. Next, she went to Kinard, where she was in the select woman’s choir for 2 years under Scott Wheeler. Also, she participated in the children’s theatre at her schools and many dance productions put on by the local Indian Community (Indian Association of Northern Colorado) as well as private theatre companies. She learned tap and classical Indian Dance, which she still practices today.


Early Music Training:

Her mother put her in piano lessons at the age of 4, playing under a wonderful pianist named Dr. Yatee Chong. At this time, piano was mostly instruction and vigor, she did not really enjoy it until her teachers allowed her to explore the parts of music that focus on improvisation. She found her love for piano again towards the end of high-school after she stopped taking classes under her last piano teacher, Debbie Orwick, and started singing again at Fossil Ridge Highschool. Also at this time she worked a lot behind the scenes of productions on painting sets and signs and helping with publicity of the theatre club.


More Musical Background Info:

Asmita grew up in a theatre setting, surrounded by singers, musicians, and doctors, all healers of some trade. Subsequently, Jazz Piano and Voice, and Performance Art are the musical loves of her life. Her mother was a string player, specifically sitar (an Indian instrument) and is currently a Radiology Lab Technician at CSU. Her father is an electrical engineer, specializing in Computer Motherboard Production, with an intense love for Queen and bass guitar.


More History:

Asmita’s extended family lives in India. Her mother’s side is ethnically Israeli and Portuguese. These two nationalities rely heavily on vocal arts for cultural expression. So naturally, her mother put her in percussion and singing, to expose her to the world of theatre and voice. Her father’s side of the family has musical influence from the Middle East, South India, and Japan (East Asia). These influences taught her about listening to music and not just performing it. She grew up on Synth-Pop and Classic Rock, because it seems her parents fell in love to Queen in India, and fell in love with America when they heard Pink Floyd in 1991, in a dingy concert hall in Arlington, Texas.


Musical Influences and Approach to Teaching:

Her musical influences include Beethoven, Chopin, Hans Zimmer, Lata Mangeshkar, Joe Hisaishi, and Queen. Also, Asmita is a painter, specializing in oils and acrylics, and spends her free weekends teaching kids to paint. She taught herself French, Mandarin, Japanese, and Portuguese! This was all from watching ethnic dramas and trying to sing in different languages. Also, Asmita believes music should not have any language barriers. In addition, she is quadrilingual meaning she speaks Spanish, Marathi, Hindi, and English fluently. She believes that music is for all, and it should be available to every soul on this planet. If you are looking for custom lessons for Piano, and Voice in Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette, Erie, and Louisville CO areas, Asmita Idate is the right instructor for you!

Getting Started:

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We originally signed up our daughter with another voice instructor but due to her having personal medical issues we had to change. The company's communication in getting us set up with someone else was seamless and my daughter has been loving her lessons with Asmita!

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