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Andrew Wright teaches Piano, Voice, Guitar, and Ukulele Lessons in the greater Denver area. Locations include Denver, Aurora, Centennial, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Littleton, Lone Tree, and Golden. First, Andrew will create a custom program for each student. This program creates a balance between learning the important fundamentals, and how they apply to the student’s favorite songs and styles. Andrew offers lessons for ages 6 and up, for all styles of music and all ability levels. With his approach you will gain the skills, knowledge, and abilities to reach your goals.

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Andrew Wright Background and Education:

First, Andrew graduated cum laude from Colorado Christian University in 2017. He received his Bachelor’s of Music with an emphasis on Music Production and Engineering. His hard work produced his strong foundation in music theory and songwriting, as well as music production/engineering. Also, his background includes classical music training. Subsequently, Andrew studied under the guidance of professors who are musicians themselves at CCU. In addition, he learned a broad range of skills to help students play piano, create songs for themselves, sing, and to record and produce their music. Andrew understands not all students learn the same. Therefore, he is adept at trying various methods angles to help a concept sink in. Finally, Andrew enjoys the structure of music theory, and he also realizes the importance of emotion in music.


Throughout college and in earlier years, he has participated in multiple ensembles. Andrew sang in the CCU’s men’s choir for 3 years and played in CCU’s handbell ensemble for 1 year. This involved touring throughout the Greater Denver Area. Also, prior to this Andrew played in the band Wrong Turn Into Yesterday and produced multiple talented artists. This included Gavy Santovena and Chase Perry. Samples of Chase’s album are set to be released by the end of this year.

If you are interested in learning more about Piano, Voice, Guitar and Ukulele Lessons in the Denver area, you found the right place.

Andrew Wright Approach:

“One of my goals is not just to teach students skills, but to instill in them the importance of their “voice” in music. I want them to develop their unique way of expressing themselves using the skills and practices that are crucial to music.  I learned from my professors two main things. One is that you need to write music that you love. The second is to have music theory describe it rather than write music using only music theory principles. If you do the latter, you risk creating something not quite the way you wanted and worse, a piece that is emotionless.”


Andrew Wrights Lesson Program


In Andrew’s program you will learn the following:

  1. Piano techniques, fundamentals, reading notation, playing songs and more!
  2. Voice techniques, including posture, breath control, techniques, songs and more!
  3. Songwriting/Music theory
  4. Recording/Music Production (specializing in Pro Tools which is the industry standard)

Teaching Style

Andrews goal is to meet your needs. The one thing he will insist on is having fun. He is well aware of how quickly students can lose all passion for music if it is just work and study. Andrew uses a balanced systematic approach to teaching. He makes sure that as skills are taught, the student is provided with ways to use it and make a connection. “I don’t want students to learn something and then not use it because they don’t see how it is creative or fun.”


Noted Mentors

Dr. Richard Niezen (Music Theory)

Dr. Menth (piano)

Emmy award winning composer Charles Denler (Audio Recording and Production)


Getting Started:

To get signed up, click the “purchase lessons” button. Then, select your location, instrument, instructor, and a time and day for your weekly lesson. You can browse options and you wont get charged until you confirm at check out. Lessons are sold in 4 packs, and we offer 1st lesson FREE with your 1st month enrollment. Enter promo code 1stfree at check out for 25% off your 1st 4 pack! Also check out this helpful info page, and our Facebook Page for more specials and offers! If you have questions, email or you can also email Andrew directly at



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Steve E.

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