In Home Music Lessons Longmont

In Home Music Lessons Longmont









In Home Music Lessons Longmont

In Home Music Lessons Longmont. We understand how difficult it can be to get yourself and your family to all of the different activities in a day. Whether it’s fighting traffic on Main Street Longmont, or sitting behind a train while trying to beat the clock. Keeping up with everyone’s schedules can make taking on new activities seem impossible. But we don’t think anything should stand in the way of learning to play an instrument, especially a busy schedule.


We Make It Easy!

Your life is busy, and we get that! At My Local Music Lessons we want to make things are as easy as possible. First, we come to you and provide the lessons in the convenience of your own home. Also, we also offer scheduling appointments and making the payments online. This way, your day won’t be disrupted with another lesson that involves loading all of the kids in the car.


Benefits of In Home Music Lessons Longmont

There are so many ways music lessons in Longmont can enrich your family’s life. First, learning a musical instrument has the benefit of improving listening skills. Also, it is a gift your child can use to relieve stress, help with coping skills, and improve their self-esteem. Finally, this gift will last them the rest of their lives. There are many more benefits! To find out more see our free PDF 5 Benefits of Music Lessons on our Home Page.


Instruments offered:

We offer in-home lessons for many different instruments. If you’re unsure whether the instrument you want if offered in Longmont, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Pure Enjoyment of Music:

First, your child may already know what they want to play. Maybe they have a favorite song they want to learn on the guitar, or a favorite singer that inspires them. Or perhaps they want to be able to express themselves musically, and don’t know where to begin. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that our professional instructors will make it a fun learning experience, in the comfort of your own home in Longmont.


Owner Lee Johnson Background

Led by Lee Johnson, an award winning singer/songwriter and a multi instrumentalist, whose focus is to make playing an instrument fun, also works hard to identify what goals the student has. For info on Lee’s award winning songwriting see Lee Johnson Songs. Also for info on Lee’s previous music teaching business see Boulder Guitar Studio. Lee knows that with practice and positivity they can achieve those goals and more. The instructors at My Local Music Lessons understand that with the right attitude, their students have the ability to play their musical instrument of choice at an exceptional level.


Custom Music Lessons Programs:

We customize each lesson for the specific student and their needs. Every person is unique, and we understand that people learn at a different pace, in a different time frame, and with different methods. This helps to keep them focused, and makes the whole experience more enjoyable. We encourage you to look at our website in order to see in detail all of the services we offer. Bringing the joy of music into your family’s life is our passion and ambition. That’s why we make it as simple as possible for you and your child to appreciate learning how to play a musical instrument. Whether your child decided to take guitar lessons or piano lessons in Longmont, we look forward to teaching a skill that will last a lifetime!

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