How to Make a Guitar Music Video

How to Make a Guitar Music Video--With a DIY Approach

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How to Make a Guitar Music Video–With a DIY Approach

My name is Derek, I’m a guitar and Ukulele instructor at Recently I finished a music video for a song I composed, and I wanted to share a few insights on how this was accomplished. You can find a link to the video at the bottom of this article. First, the filming of the video was done with one go pro and a camera clamp. Also, trees and bushes, a bike and other fixtures served as the camera people for the film! You too can make a music video from a simple camera that could even be on your phone.

Step by Step

First, Step one is to record your song. This is best done with actual microphones, but your phone would work. Also, when you are finished, render your song in an .aiff or .wav format. Next, is to go about the filming. It is best to have an idea of what you would like to film.

Getting Creative:

This is the part to get creative, think about the angles and environment you would like to film, and be realistic about what is possible. You will often have to fix your camera to something so a clamp or holding device may come in handy. Next it to go on site and film. Also, bring your instrument with you and get 30-50 clips of you playing your instrument. In addition, since you will be using the audio you recorded, your playing does not need to perfect. In fact, it just has to look good. If there are particular parts in the song that you would like to appear to be playing in the video, be sure to film those parts, with you playing your instrument. Don’t forget to ham it up.

Editing Processes:

Once you have the scenes that you need, the task of editing all the recorded materiel arrives. First, I edited my video with Apple’s free app iMovie. There are many other video editing programs too. Some are even free. Also, you’ll have to add the song your recorded to the video too. Make sure the audio from the camera you used is turned off. Once your video is complete, render and share with the world! This is a great time to make a YouTube channel.

Good luck and Happy Filming!


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