Guitar Lessons in Lafayette CO

Guitar Lessons Lafayette CO

My Local Music Lessons offers Guitar Lessons in Lafayette CO. We feature a team of instructors who offer In Home Instruction for variety of instruments and locations in Front Range CO. This article contains helpful information for anyone looking to get started with Guitar Lessons in Lafayette CO. First, there are several important factors to consider when getting started. These include what styles youlike, whether to use acoustic vs electric, what your ability and goals are. Also, you also want to consider taking your lessonsat a store or studio versus taking online lessons versus finding an in home instructor.

Guitar Lessons Lafayette CO: Meet Our Featured Instructors

Meet Krysta Warner

Guitar Lessons Lafayette CO

Krysta Warner teaches Guitar Lessons in Lafayette CO. First Krysta has a lifelong passion for music. She began her musical journey in early childhood. Subsequently, she studied formally at Berklee College of Music for a Degree in Music Therapy. In addition, she enjoys teaching both private lessons and group formats. Krysta can create a custom program to suit your needs! Finally, she will create a balance between the technical sides of music, and students favorite songs.


Meet Guitar Teacher Karl Summers

Guitar Lessons Lafayette CO

Karl Summers teaches Guitar Lessons in Boulder CO and other local areas. First, Karl has excellent credentials and background. Also, he works well with both kids and adults. His custom programs will include a balance of skills building, technique, fundamentals, music theory, and students favorite songs. If you have been looking for convenient in home guitar lessons in Boulder CO, you found the right place! You can read more about Karl on his page here: Karl Summers 


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What Styles Do You Like:

Having an idea of whatstyles you are going to want to learn will help you. Your instructor can help you as you go if you arent sure. There are 3 main categories for styles that include Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar and Popular Styles. NOTE: When we refer to “popular styles” in this article we are basically referring to “everythingelse” that is not Classical and not Jazz. We can teach you more about all this when you sign up for Guitar Lessons Lafayette CO! You can find a bunch of guitar teachers near you ready to help!

Classical Guitar Brands:

Owning anylon string guitar, studying music theory and how to read notes are important for classical guitarists. There are many types of Nylon String Guitars, and you maywant to do some research before you decide which purchase will be best for you. Here isa link that discusses some of the best brands:

Playing Classical Guitar

This style is dependent on learning to read the sheet music. You must 
deliver the notes in the way the author intended and indicates in the sheet music. There isnot much room for interpretation, other than with feeling and dynamics. Finally, even thoseitems are often there in the sheet music as instructions or guidelines.


Classical Guitar Techniques:

Classical music isbeautiful, sophisticated, complex, and requires an understanding of formal music theorytraining. This style requires use of right hand techniquethat is unique. The Classical finger style requires a dedication to details that are notprevalent in other finger styles like Folk, Travis Style, Country Blues or others.


Classical Sub Genres:

Classicalmusic has many sub genres. Here are some of thesub genres: Avant Garde, Baroque, Chamber Music, Choral, Crossover, Early Music, HighClassical, Impressionist, Medieval, Minimialism, Modern Composition, Opera, Orchestral,Renaissance, Romantic, and Wedding Music. A much longer article would be needed to address the specific andunique qualities and techniques for each sub genre.

Jazz Guitar:

for those wanting to learn Jazz Guitar, there are certain “archtop” semihollow body electric guitars. Also like in Classical, a vastknowledge of music theory is required. Onceagain doing some research before you purchase is the best option. Here is a link to anarticle that covers this topic pretty well:

Jazz Guitar Info:

In Jazz we refer mostly to “lead sheets” or “chord charts”. Lead sheets give us the chords and melody notes. It is up to the player to interpret and put their own unique spin on the song. Thereare many sub genres within the styles of Jazz, including Big Band and Swing, Bebop,Bossa Nova, Cool Jazz, Dixieland, Gypsy Jazz, Hard Bob, Jazz Blues, Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion,Latin Jazz, Post Bop, Nu Jazz, Ragtime, Soul Jazz, Vocal Jazz, West Coast Jazz, and thereare many others.

Jazz Guitar Techniques:

We normally think about playing chords andor melodies separately. Playing solo jazz guitar ie “chord melody” combinesthose two ingredients into one. It is my humble opinion that chord melody is one of themost advanced styles of playing. This is simply because you are attempting to do what isessentially 2 musicians jobs simultaneously.

Popular Styles of Guitar:

There are many sub genres within “Popular Styles”.  Each one of the styles I listed above under “popular styles” Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, Pop, Blues, Funk, Country, Soul, Motown, Reggae, Zydeco,Swing, Folk, Bluegrass and others has a list of sub genres. With popular stylesthere is a lot more continuity between the various techniques required. We use a flat pick, as well as fingerstyle techniques, and weplay acoustic or electric guitar. Here is a list of the bestacoustic and electric guitar brands:

Purchasing A Guitar:

When it comes down to making a purchase, doing some research will help. Also knowing what styles you want to play will also help narrow down the choices.You don’t use cross country skis for downhill skiing. Also, you don’t bang nails with ascrewdriver. Subsequently, with guitars you want to get the right tool for the job! Someobvious choices are if you like country, folk or bluegrass, you are going to want acoustic. Additionally, if you like hard rock, heavy metal, or punk you want electric. Other styles are not always ascut and dried. For example many classic rock bands have a combination of acoustic andelectric. Once you have made your decision, you are ready for Guitar Lessons Lafayette CO!

Guitar Stores In Lafayette, CO

Guitar Hut

Lafayette Music

There are other guitar stores in surrounding towns.

Electric vs Acoustic Guitar Lessons Lafayette CO

Making this choice has a lot to do with what styles you areinterested in. However, not everyone knows this going into lessons. First, however I would like to de bunk a common misconception. Manypeople think that there is some reason they should start with acoustic and then “graduate” toelectric. This is not a true statement. In fact for many guitarists, starting on electric isthe best option, and this would be based on if they have a strong affinity for certain styles, andor have specific goals oriented towards one or the other. So, with that said, here are the commongeneralizations and pros and cons.

Your Ability and Goals

Having a sense of your ability and goals will help you as you decide what type of instructor willwork best for you. If you are a complete beginner you do not need to seek out the “Jazz GuitarGuru” in your town. This would be a waste of time. You need an instructor who can cater to yourneeds, be patient and supportive, and help you get the basics while having fun! If you are moreintermediate or advanced you may need someone who has a particular skill set related to thestyles you like. If you are interested in Guitar Lessons Lafayette CO we can help!


Store/Studio, Vs Online, Vs In Home Instructors

Taking guitar lessons in Lafayette CO at a store or studio has some advantages especially for someone who doesn’thave much space. However there are lots of disadvantagesto stores and studios, starting with drive time. You have to fight traffic there and back. If you area parent, you will likely wait during the lesson as there isn’t enough time to go home and comeback. Another disadvantage is the stores and studios have multiple lessons going on at the sametime, usually in a hallway with multiple rooms and so you can hear a lot of leakage of noise fromthe other lessons. Online lessons can be a great supplement to a live human instructor butunfortunately it is a one way exchange.

Other Disadvantages of Stores and Studios:

Therefore the lesson cannot design a custom programfor you, make recommendations, answer your questions, or most importantly lean over, andadjust your hand position to help you FEEL correct technique, which can save you weeks,months or years of bad habits. In Home Instructors in many ways offer the best of all worlds.You get the convenience of someone coming to your location, and someone who can create acustom program to suit your needs, as well as answer questions, and make corrections live onthe spot to save you wasting time undoing bad habits. For convenient in home guitar lessons in Lafayette CO give us a try! 

In Home Lessons Are Awesome:

My Local Music Lessons offers custom lesson programs, for ALL instruments, including guitar,bass guitar, voice, piano, ukulele, strings, brass, woodwinds, drums, percussion, music theory,songwriting and more!We serve Front Range CO locations, including Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Boulder,Lafayette, Louisville, Westminster, Broomfield, Lakewood, Arvada, Denver, Englewood, Littleton,and many places between.

Getting Started With Guitar Lessons In Lafayette CO:

Here are some simple instructions how to proceed if you are interested to get convenient in home guitar lessons in Lafayette CO. You can browse instructors by entering your location and instrument on our Instructors Page. To check their schedule availability, just proceed as if purchasing. You can browse options and wont get charged until you confirm a day and time at checkout.

To get signed up with Guitar Lessons Lafayette CO, first, click the “purchase lessons” button. Next enter your location and instrument. Also, choose an instructor as well as a time and day. Finally, enter coupon code 1stfree at checkout for 25% OFF your 1st 4 pack! We save you time and give you peace of mind! Email or call 303 558 6160 with questions. See our full website My Local Music Lessons, and FAQ here Helpful Info Page.

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