Flute Lessons in Fort Collins CO

Flute Lessons Fort Collins CO

Flute Lessons Fort Collins CO

My Local Music Lessons: Flute Lessons Fort Collins CO. We offer a team of the areas finest instructors. First, our instructors have A+ background checks on our Amazon technicians service. In addition, there are no other music lessons companies who do this! We make lessons easy. Subsequently, one of our instructors will come to your home. Also, we offer online schedule system. First, choose your location. Next, choose your instrument for 30 mins, 45 mins or 60 mins. Lessons are sold in 4 packs. Finally, you can check out on our secure site. We save you time and give you peace of mind!

Flute Lessons Fort Collins CO Info:

Learning to play the Flute can be an exciting and rewarding journey. It can also be frustrating and challenging at times. We want you to know we are here to help. We coach students from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced. First, you need help to make sure you are building correct techniques from day one. Also, a top instructor can help you avoid many of the pitfalls that hinder progress. Additionally, there are simple suggestions your instructor can make. These include knowing which type of instrument is best for your ability level. In addition, knowing how to care and maintain for your instrument, can make or break the difference between having a positive or negative experience.

Flute Lessons Online:

We believe online resources can be helpful as a supplement to students who are already enrolled in a program with a teacher. However, too many people make the mistake of thinking they can go online and learn an instrument. This approach can do more harm than good. First, there are important fundamental techniques to playing the flute, that only a skilled instructor can share that info with you. Also, we recommend taking weekly lessons as it gives the right amount of time to work on a few skills. In addition, if you wait too long between, you might get off track. You can end up wasting time practicing the wrong way, or ineffectively. We offer flexibility with scheduling, for vacations and other items that come up, but in general, weekly programs produce results.

Flute Lessons Fort Collins CO Instructors


Meet Flute Teacher Nathan Jensen

Flute Lessons Fort Collins CO

Nathan Jensen teaches Flute Lessons in Fort Collins, CO and surrounding areas. First, Nathan will assess your skill level, interests and goals. Next, he can create a customized program to suit your needs. Also, he works well with kids and adults, beginner to advanced, in most styles of music. In your custom program you will learn the skills, techniques and theory you need to become proficient at your favorite styles. In addition some students may need guidance and Nathan can help guide you. If you are looking for private music lessons in the Northern Front Range area, you can read more about all the instruments Nathan offers on his page here: Nathan Jensen


Flute Lessons Fort Collins CO

Samantha Olson teaches Flute  Lessons in Fort Collins CO and other nearby areas. She can also offer lessons for Oboe and Sousaphone, even though those instruments are not listed in our schedule system. First, Samantha played Flute and Piccolo her whole music career. Also, she was the youngest Drum Major in her High School Marching band, and held the position till she graduated in 2008. She led her 200+ member band in competitive parades and field shows. She got her band into the North Hollywood Christmas Parade in 2007 which aired on National Television. Samantha creates custom programs for each student. If you are looking for Flute, Saxophone or Tuba lessons in the Fort Collins and Loveland CO areas, read on! Also, See our Instructor Page for more info

Flute Lessons Benefits:

Did you know that there are many different benefits of playing the flute that can bring joy to you and those around you? I’ve created a list of some with a few of the benefits you can receive from playing the flute. First playing Flute increases your memory capacity. Not only will you remember more, you will also remember for longer periods of time. Next, playing Flute helps you learn organization and time management. A well seasoned musician knows that the quantity of practice time is not as important as the quality. Also, playing flute improves body coordination. Flute players have to learn to read the notes on a page and translate them to finger patterns while they focus on breathing, rhythm, dynamics and more. Finally playing Flute improves your math skills. Also studies have shown that children who learn a musical instrument usually have a higher grade and do better in math specifically, than those who don’t.


Getting Started:

First click the “purchase lessons” button. Next choose your location and instrument. Also, you can choose your instructor. Next choose a time and day that fits your schedule. Email us booking@mylocalmusiclessons.com or call 303 558 6160 with questions. You can see our main site, or view this helpful info page. We hope to help you get started soon!


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