Drum Lesson Tips

This is an article about Drum Lessons and Drum Teachers in Fort Collins, Longmont and Boulder CO areas. Some tips we are offering include where to get lessons, what equipment you need, and if online lessons work better than a human teacher.


Drum Lessons With Brian Baker:


Brian Baker teaches Drums, Bass, and Guitar in Boulder, Longmont, Loveland and Fort Collins areas. He has been playing for 28 years in various types of cover bands, metal bands, and top 40 rock bands. Also, Brian has performed in California, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado.

Drum Lesson Tips

Drum Lessons Fort Collins, Longmont, Boulder

Where to get lessons:

You can go to various area music stores or lessons studios. You can also consider getting and instructor in your home. The problem with going to a store or studio is fighting traffic. The problem with in home lessons is how to know who to trust for valid credentials and background check. My Local Music Lessons offers custom in home lessons for the same price as stores or studios, with no travel fees. We feature professional A+ background checked instructors and A+ rating Better Business Bureau. We save you time and give you peace of mind.


Equipment you need:


For getting started a couple pairs of sticks and a drum pad are the required equipment. This doesn’t make much noise, doesn’t cost much, and are portable. As a student improves, playing on a full kit may become and added bonus. Practice can always be done easily. Electronic drum kits have come a long way also and allow the player to use headphones.


Drum Lesson Tips: Online Lessons VS human Beings


Online lessons are a great resource if you already have an instructor and lesson program. However as a stand alone they fall short. You can not learn feel from a video. A video can not reach over and show you how your hand position should be or answer questions. A real teacher can design a program just for you!


Getting Started:

At My Local Music Lessons you can browse instructors on our instructor page. Choose your location and instrument and choose from the resulting list of available instructors. Then choose a time and day. Enter coupon code 1stfree at check out for 1st lesson FREE, which is 25% OFF your 1st 4 pack of lessons. See this helpful info page, and also our Facebook Page for more!


  1. Joy Butler Reply

    My youngest is the one who is musically inclined in the family. At the age of 3 or 4, you’d see him headbanging while tapping at the table while listening to rock music. On his 5th birthday, his dad gave him a toy drum set. But now is a different thing, he wants to play a real drum set already. We’re now looking for a drum lesson which is fit for his age.

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