Custom Electronic Drum Kits

Custom Electronic Drum Kits




Custom Electronic Drum Kits: design one and save thousands!

Real drums too noisy? You can’t practice because of complaints? Go Stealth Mode! Problem solved!

First, Brian Baker teaches Drums, Bass, and Guitar in Boulder, Longmont, Loveland and Fort Collins areas. Also, Brian lives in the Rocky Mountains he is married and has 4 children. In addition, he has been playing for 28 years. Brian plays in various types of cover bands, metal bands, and top 40 rock bands. Also, he has performed in California, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado. Brian has conducted an in depth analysis of putting together an electronic drum kit.

Here are some steps to design custom electronic drum kits

First, you don’t have to spend thousands to have a killer electronic drum set. I shopped Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend. Subsequently, here is what I put together in about an hour. Also, all items can be shopped around and changed out. By all means do it your way. That is what the fun is all about. In addition, these are NOT affiliate links. If I ever review something and use affiliate links I will tell you. Finally, this is free info! So feed your brain.  Enjoy!

Components  –

●      E-cymbals–(you need 3 ride crash hi hat) $329.97

                                                    Total = $1250.92

The alternative price 

Roland V-drum version WO accessories. Or kick pedal $7499 See it here.

***note – The only used item on the list is the drum shells. Also, you can shop used on everything else and save more. In addition, you can upgrade your cymbals from two zone chokable to 3 zone ride cymbal etc. (3 zone ride.

Hi Hats

First, there are pro hi hats on the vdrum page. Next, the Drum module can be upgraded to a higher end Roland Yamaha or Alesis OR you can go PRO and upgrade. Also, to a Drum sample system for VERY REALISTIC DRUMS. Finally, get a trigger midi io interface like this Also pair it with drum sampling software on a mac or PC  such as This combo will give you a top notch e-drum system.

Cheaper e-Kits

You can find them. In my opinion they are not as high of quality as the top end V-drum kits or this custom setup. I really hope this helps get you playing again

– Brian

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