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Hi I’m Andrew Wright. I teach Piano, and Voice Lessons in the South West Denver Area. I’m part of a team of music instructors at My Local Music Lessons.  We go to students homes for lessons. Our programs achieve a balance between important fundamentals, techniques, and music theory, and how those items apply to the student’s favorite songs and styles. However this article is not about me and my teaching approach. It’s about a recent experience where I was the student! I took a conducting class at Colorado Christian University! It was amazing!

Why I Loved This Class

I took a conducting class at Colorado Christian University and loved every minute of it. I am shown in the videos below conducting my fellow classmates for our tests. These tests would show off our memory of the music along with our skills of conducting and expression. Afterwards we would write a brief paper on our strengths and weakness during our performance.



Music has a broad range of topics and subjects that all tie in together at one point or another. I teach piano lessons and voice lessons around Denver, along with other subjects. However, one subject that does not get talked about much in my local music lessons schedule is conducting. Why is conducting relevant to my music lessons? That is a good and relevant question to ask. Conducting helps with lessons and overall understanding of music in several ways.


Our Understanding of Music is Enhanced

Conducting makes you look at the overall picture of the music. I recommend looking at the structure and organization of a piece in my music lessons as a standard approach. However, in conducting it is not negotiable. To conduct you must see the structure and organization of a piece. When you do this, you can memorize the music faster and easier. In addition, you can see changes and cues in the music as to where it is going. When you are conducting you are the leader and the musicians look to you for leadership. You signal to them the meter, tempo, dynamics, and more. You are the person signaling to the musicians how a piece should be played.


Various Instruments Involved

First, conducting usually involves multiple groups of instruments. In full blown orchestras and symphonies for example you will have brass, woodwind, percussion, string sections and possibly more depending on the piece. Also, if you are interested in classical symphonic or orchestral music this is huge. If you are conducting you will get to hear the sections, hear the individual instruments (violin vs. cell or piccolo vs. flute for examples) and how they are used in these massive works. Each instrument is unique and has different timbers (unique sounds) and different ranges to each other. For example, piccolos have a higher range than flutes and pianos have a wide range of notes they can play compared to a violin.


How Conducting Relates to Music Lessons

Conducting helps in music lessons (especially if you are going to be playing with a lot of other musicians at a time) because again it helps you focus on the overall picture of the music. Also, this helps you play the music with more understanding and ease. Finally, it introduces many other instruments to you.


The following 3 videos shows a culmination of all of this. I am signaling the meter, tempo, dynamics, and transitions. The tests also included different instruments like a flute and even bells. Any instrument can be used.


Enjoy these videos!

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  1. Joy Butler Reply

    I can play the guitar but I really like to learn piano. I want to try even the basic piano lesson. If you can provide me more information about your piano class, I will appreciate it very much as am really interested. Thank you.

    1. lee admin Reply

      HI Joy sure thing here you go:


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