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My Local Music Lessons offers convenient in home Clarinet Lessons Boulder CO. We can teach you how to play all styles on the clarinet. From beginner to expert, we can help you with a custom program designed to help you improve. My Local Music Lessons will have you playing like a professional in no time! Finally, if you are looking for quality Clarinet Lessons Boulder CO we can help!

Featured Instructors Offering Clarinet Lessons in Boulder CO

[caClarinet Lessons Boulder CO Francisco Borja[/caption]

Francisco Borja teaches Clarinet, in Boulder, CO. He is currently studying Music Education at the University of Colorado – Boulder. His experience with the clarinet began in sixth grade at Fowler Middle School in Plano, Texas. Francisco attended Liberty High School in Frisco ISD, where he participated in the LHS Wind Ensemble and Marching Band.

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Clarinet Lessons Boulder CO Info:

In todays fast paced world, many students make the mistake of assuming that a few youtube videos will get them on the right path. The truth is, many times these resources are not adequate, and furthermore, can actually do more harm than good. If you are seeking Clarinet Lessons Boulder CO, you need a professional instructor who can create a custom program to suit your needs. Also, you need someone who can answer your questions and make corrections. Don’t make the mistake of trying to teach yourself online you will waste too much time!

Online Lessons Vs In Person Instructors:

Online lessons can not create custom programs to suit your needs, answer your questions, or give live feedback. These items could save you months of wasted practice time. A human instructor can show you, and help you FEEL the correct technique in a few minutes! We believe online resources are OK, as supplements to a lesson program, but nothing can take the place of a real in person instructor.

Clarinet Lessons and Music Theory:

Also be aware that online lessons don’t teach you Music Theory. Music Theory helps you understand what key you are in. It also means understanding what the chords in that key are, and whether the chords follow a diatonic progression, or if there are “non native” substitute chords. The chord progression influences what scales, arpeggios, or licks may be played over those chords. You may be thinking “as a Clarinet player I don’t play chords”, which is true, but you DO play melodies over the chords. Finally, with our approach to lessons, you will get more mileage out of each song, because you learn the context, and how it applies!

Clarinet Lessons Boulder CO Approach:

First, we believe in well balanced Clarinet lessons programs. We need some time dedicated to skills building and some time dedicated to applying those new skills. Also, certain music lessons programs focus only on theory and technique. Meanwhile, others like to give you a song to work on. In addition, learning the context of how a technique, or skill, or piece of theory knowledge fits in a song, is an important part to your understanding. Subsequently, we encourage you to work with your instructor’s guidance to find songs that represent the styles you are interested in. Finally, your instructor will go over your ability, favorite styles and goals, and will create a step by step program to help you define and reach your goals!

Clarinet Background:

First, the clarinet is a musical-instrument family belonging to the group known as the woodwind instruments. Also it has a single-reed mouthpiece, a straight cylindrical tube with an almost cylindrical bore, and a flared bell. In addition, a person who plays a clarinet is called a clarinetist. The word clarinet may have entered the English language via the French clarinette (the feminine diminutive of Old French clarin or clarion), or from Provençal clarin, “oboe”.[1] It would seem however that its real roots are to be found amongst some of the various names for trumpets used around the renaissance and baroque eras.

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First, click the “purchase lessons” button. Next, please enter your location and instrument. Also, choose an instructor as well as a time and day. Finally, enter coupon code 1stfree at checkout for 25% OFF your 1st 4 pack! We save you time and give you peace of mind! Email or call 303 558 6160 with questions. See our website My Local Music Lessons, our Instructors Page, and our Helpful Info Page.

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