Bass Guitar Lessons in Denver CO

Bass Guitar Lessons Denver CO

5 string bass

My Local Music Lessons offers Bass Guitar Lessons in Denver CO.  First, we  provide you with high-quality lessons in Bass Guitar. Also, if you are a beginner, we’re able to work with you and provide amazing instructions that will you play at higher level. Finally, if you are more advanced we will help you extended your talents in different areas of music. Our programs go from beginner to advanced and beyond. If you are looking for Bass Guitar Lessons in Denver CO look no further!


Quality Bass Guitar Lessons

Some music lessons programs focus only on theory and technique, while other teachers like to give you a song to work on. We believe in a balance between creating a solid foundation and how that information applies to YOUR favorite songs and styles. Learning the context of how a technique, or skill, or piece of theory knowledge fits in a familiar song, is a key part to your understanding why it works. We encourage you to choose a playlist of songs that represent the styles you are interested in. Your instructor will go over your ability, favorite styles and goals, and will create a step by step program to get you there!

Featured Instructors Offering Bass Guitar Lessons in Denver CO

Meet Mr Jordan Taylor

Bass Guitar Lessons Denver CO

Mr. Jordan Taylor teaches Bass Guitar Lessons in Denver CO and surrounding locations. His lessons are set up for beginner to advanced, for all genres of music. Therefore, Mr Taylor will create a custom program to suit your needs, and help you learn your favorite songs and styles. Also since he is a previous band teacher at local schools, he offers more instruments than we can list on this page. You can read more at his page here: Jordan Taylor 


Meet Mr Colin Farnsworth

Bass Guitar Lessons Denver CO

Colin Farnsworth teaches Bass Guitar Lessons in Denver, CO and surrounding locations. First, Colin will ask some questions about your background and skill level, as well as your goals. Next, he will create a custom program to help you reach those goals. Also, he will create a balance between learning the technical sides of music, with your favorite songs and styles. In this way you get to apply what you learn in songs that are familiar. This approach helps you have more FUN while learning the important skills and info you need. To see more info on Mr Colin Farnsworth please see his instructor page here: Colin Farnsworth

For more info about all our instructors, also see our Instructor Page


Bass Guitar History:

The bass guitar is a stringed instrument played primarily with the fingers or thumb. The main techniques are plucking, slapping, popping, strumming, tapping, thumping, or picking with a plectrum, often known as a pick. Also, the bass guitar is similar to an electric guitar but it has a longer neck, and four to six strings. The four-string bass is by far the most common and most of rock and roll history was made on a simple 4 string Fender P Bass. In addition, this instrument is notated in bass clef an octave higher than it sounds (as is the double bass) to avoid excessive ledger lines. Finally, the bass guitar has pickups like an electric guitar. For live performances it is plugged into an amplifier and speaker on stage, or into a larger PA system using a DI unit.


Getting Started With Bass Guitar Lessons in Denver CO:

Our goal is to make sure you enjoy yourself and your experience with music lessons. Therefore, we try to make the booking experience as simple as possible. No more playing phone tag about lessons scheduling, we provide a simple online system that makes booking a breeze! First, click the “purchase lessons” button. Next enter your location and instrument. Also, choose an instructor as well as a time and day. Finally, enter coupon code 1stfree at checkout for 25% OFF your 1st 4 pack! We save you time and give you peace of mind! Email or call 303 558 6160 with questions. See our website My Local Music Lessons, our Instructors Page, and our Helpful Info Page

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