Accomplished RyG Player Derek Demuth

Accomplished RyG Player Derek Demuth

Greetings! my name is Derek Demuth, and I’m an instructor with My Local Music Lessons. First, I teach Guitar and Ukulele Lessons in Boulder, Lafayette, Arvada, Golden CO, and between. Also, you can read more about my on my Instructor Page here: Derek Demuth.

Today, I want to share with you an advanced guitar technique that is utilized in a guitar duo called Rodrigo y Gabriela (RyG). My friend and I have a cover band called Derek y Daniel (DyD) which specializes in playing the amazing music of these two.

Here is a video from Youtube of our band demonstrating this technique. In addition, the techniques and instructions are written below this video. Finally there are photos to help show the techniques clearly step by step. Read on!


Guitar Lessons from Accomplished RyG Player Derek Demuth

First, I play the rhythm guitar, which is what Gabriela plays in RyG. She has created a number of right hand patterns that incorporate percussive tapping on the guitar to make it sound like drums mixed with guitar! Subsequently, I want to share the most essential right hand technique that Gabriela uses: the quadruplet.


Advanced Techniques Take Time to Master

Now, before we get started understand that this is an advanced technique and will take a significant amount of time to master. Don’t get discouraged if its difficult at first. Also, the technique involves using the nails of the fingers for 3 of the 4 sections. In addition, there should be no contact of flesh with the strings except for step two. Finally, start this technique slow and speed up gradually. Alright lets begin.


The Gabriela Quadruplet

First, the Gabriela quadruplet consists of 4 parts. In musical terms it is equivalent to playing 16th notes. Also, practice this technique holding one chord or using open strings. Finally, once you are proficient practice switching chords you are ready to move on.


Step One: Tap

Step one is to tap on the guitar body. This is done with a flat hand, palm against the bridge of the guitar or more towards the sound hole. This creates a kick drum type sound.

Accomplished RyG Player Derek Demuth








Step Two: Fingers strum up

Next, step two is to strum upwards (towards your face) with your fingers. Also, the idea is to strum as many strings as are present in the chord that you are playing. In addition, I like to use my middle and ring finger as one unit, but you can also try pointer or pointer and middle. Subsequently, this is the only part of the strum where your finger flesh should contact the strings.

Accomplished RyG Player Derek Demuth








Step 3: Fingers Down

Step three is to strum down (towards the floor) with your fingers. Again I like middle and ring as a single unit. Also, make sure you are using the nails of your fingers for this.

Accomplished RyG Player Derek Demuth








Step 4: Thumb Up

Step four is to strum upwards again, this time with the nail of your thumb. After this step, go back to the tap and do it all over again! Finally, I wish you Good Luck!

Accomplished RyG Player Derek Demuth








Get Started

If you are looking for Guitar and Ukulele Lessons Boulder, Lafayette, Arvada, Golden CO you found the right place! I hope you have fun while you are working on this technique. If you are interested to get more help with this or other techniques, or to get started with lesson, please get in touch.

Also, if you have questions you can see this Helpful Info Page. Finally, if you are interested to sign up for lessons, follow these easy steps:

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